Do-It-Yourself Personalized Baby Onesies


So ever since having my little one I’ve been completely obsessed with making personalized baby onesies. Making munchkin sizes are so much easier because you can actually complete the project in a timely matter. For example, I completed the below baby onesies for our dear friends baby shower in less than 30 minutes.

To create your own baby onesie you’ll need the following:
1. A cutting machine: I use the Silhouette Cameo!
2. Iron on vinyl: I use the Cricut Iron-on Vinyl and I purchase it from either Michael’s or Joann’s.
3. Baby attire: For this particular project I went to Target and purchased the Just One You by Carters Baby Boy 3pk

I then created the design in Silhouette Studio. Since the couple hasn’t announced the baby name, I chose Baby Flor, the last name. Once you’ve created the design you’re going to flip the design so when we iron on the design it’ll be facing the correct way.

For my cut settings I used Vinyl, Glossy and Speed 3 because my blade is very dull and I need to replace it.

Once the design is cut, weed all the excess vinyl (the parts you don’t want to iron on). You should get something like this:

Then take your iron and put it on cotton no steam setting, iron on the vinyl for approximately 30 seconds with medium pressure. I apply the iron in circular motions so that I’m not melting the material. Honestly, I’m not sure if that’s even possible but I feel like it could so I’m constantly moving the iron.

And tada! You’ve created a custom made, personalized baby onesie!

If you love this design but not up to making it yourself, you can head over to Mariesah Mina Design and purchase a onesie for the little one in your life. You can also shop my Instagram @mariesahminadesign