I’m a Flight Attendant!

Safe Travels Everyone!

Being a flight attendant sounds like such an amazing job right?! I mean you get to fly around the globe, see amazing places all while being paid. I’m here to provide you with MY version of reality while being a full-time working mom as a professional flight attendant.

I’ll start by stating that my reality of this career is going to be completely different than another flight attendants. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job but there are times when all the glamour goes out of the window and this is nothing but a job. Maybe it’s because of having a family at home or maybe it’s just because there are some different characters out there right now, but nonetheless the job can be pretty brutal at times and I want to share my experience in this career for those who have considered this journey but are unsure if it’s right for them.

Even though there are long days and nights, I would not trade my job for any other (at least during my childbearing years) due to the flexibility that I can finally achieve. The first couple years were definitely a challenge due to being so junior at such a senior base (everything is based on seniority) but now that I’m on my sixth year I’ve earned just enough seniority to allow me the best flexibility that works for my family and I. I’ll elaborate more on this in a future post. Until then, stay tuned for more information as to how I began this crazy journey of being a flight attendant…

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