Layover | Denver, CO


Today was day 1 on reserve and I got a two day trip with a 22 hour layover in Denver, CO. Though leaving my family is never easy, I was looking forward to the long layover and a room to myself where I can get some nice, long uninterrupted sleep.

This layover happens to be on Labor Day weekend and “a taste of Colorado” food festival was within walking distance of my hotel. The festival is free admission but if you want food/alcohol you need to purchase tickets. 15 tickets for $10 was a pretty good deal I think! For those who aren’t sure what to eat, you can taste test all the different food for just 2-4 tickets. My favorite was the garlic knots!

There were all kinds of activities such as bands, vendors, and kids games. I really enjoyed myself and it was nice to hangout with fellow crew members.

Let’s hope the rest of this reserve month I get fun trips like this. Fingers crossed!

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