Pass Me the Money


So I worked my first premium flight out of my home base. It’s not that particularly hard but I still felt like a newbie since I’ve never worked this particular flight before but my crew was really friendly and the flight went pretty smooth other than the ATC holds due to construction on runways which caused 3 hour delays both coming and going.

I was working on an Airbus 321T aircraft which consists of first, business, and main cabin. I was working in business class. Our aircraft was lay flat seats in both first and business class which is great but the one downfall, if you drop your phone down the side of the seat (or any other important personal item) you’re pretty much screwed. The seat eats your items alive! Just kidding! But 99% of the time a mechanic will need to come onboard once you’ve landed to take the seat apart in order to reach the item you’ve dropped.

Well on my way home a passenger informed me he dropped his phone down the side of his seat. I gave the whole speech about the mechanic if we weren’t able to find it or reach it ourselves. Thankfully he was just grateful for the help and not upset about having to stay behind once we landed to get his phone.

I got my flashlight and started looking around under his seat and I asked Mr. Lost Phone Dude if he only dropped his phone. He said yes and asked why. Casually I informed him that someone had dropped money and I think there’s a $5 bill down there. He started laughing and he said, “now I have something to entertain me until we land. I’m gonna get you that $5!”. I was highly entertained by his enthusiasm for this $5. After a few minutes I told Mr. Lost Phone Dude that he should check the side magazine holder just in case his phone fell down there. WHAT DO YOU KNOW… THERE HIS PHONE WAS. So thankful no mechanics were necessary.

Once we landed, Mr. Lost Phone Dude sadly approached me stating that he wasn’t able to get the $5 for me. I laughed because he was actually trying to get it (I watched him during flight). When my co-worker heard there was money she was determined to get it. So out she went to the seat with a pair of bread tongs to get the $5. She walks back a few minutes later proudly placing the $5 in my hand.

Moral of the story, if passengers ever drop items in their seat, take a thorough look because you might be able to fuel your next Starbucks addiction.