Silhouette Cameo | PixScan Mat Tutorial


Are you a Silhouette user and failed time and time again when doing a print and cut? Me too! I’m here to give you an alternative method where you’ll get better results.

Watch my full video tutorial. If videos aren’t your thing, step-by-step instructions are written below.

First, the reason why your print and cut probably isn’t working is because you’re probably working with glossy materials or something with a shine. The Silhouette cannot read registration marks on materials that are glossy. I’ve tried Pinterest hacks but nothing seemed to work for me. I remembered I have a Silhouette PixScan mat tucked away somewhere so I thought I’d give it a try.

How it works:

Step 1: Print out your design – no need to print with registration marks. The PixScan mat has the registration marks built into the mat.

Step 2: Place your printed work onto the PixScan mat and take a picture of the entire mat. Send the picture to your computer.

Step 3: Open up Silhouette Studio and click on “Pix” to open the PixScan panel.

Step 4: Import your image. It’s best if you calibrate your photo source to Silhouette Studio so you can get the most accurate cut lines but you don’t have to for the PixScan mat to work.

Step 5: Trace your image. Trace whatever you’d like to have your Silhouette cut out. For me, I “trace outer edge” because I only want it to cut the border of my image.

Step 6: Send to cut! I highly recommend doing a test cut first to make sure you have the right cut settings. Older or dull blades might required more force or a completely different blade setting so thats why I suggest a test cut so you’re not wasting valuable products. I used the settings “Heat Transfer, Printable for darks fabrics” and changed my blade setting to 3 because my blade is dull

Step 7: Weed out all the excess vinyl. Peel your mat from your paper to avoid rolling or bending.

Step 8: Admire your perfect work!

If you try the PixScan mat let me know your thoughts on the process and results by leaving a comment!

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