2020 Reflection pt. 1 | Career Update


It’s a known fact that 2020 has been particularly challenging for everyone. It’s been a hard adjustment with stay-at-home orders, curfews, and doing the best we can at minimizing the spread of COVID-19.

As I reflect on this year I’ve had my fair share of challenges but I wanted to update you on my career as a flight attendant. In October 2020 I got furloughed. It’s a strange concept to grasp. I’ve been flying for 7 years. It became a lifestyle that everyone in my family had to adjust to. Now we’re all trying to find a new routine. Don’t get me wrong, I love being home and getting to bond with my children but me being home does have some “side effects”. 

  1. My mental health is being challenged daily. I don’t get “mommy breaks” during layovers anymore.
  2. My toddler has developed separation anxiety anytime I attempt to run errands alone.
  3. I’m just flat out exhausted.

Now I can’t completely blame my furlough with how I’m feeling or why my child has separation anxiety. It could just be a stage he’s going through. Maybe he’s still adjusting to being a big brother and I could take more time to myself but I honestly have nowhere to go or anything to do since COVID-19. 

Even still, I’m looking at the benefits of this time away from work. I’m able to bond and spend more time with my children and husband. The good thing is that I’ll hopefully be recalled quickly since I’m at the top of the seniority list.

Now he’s the hard part… COVID-19 is still a big deal. If I do get recalled, am I ready to go back and bring more exposure to my family? Also with two children, it’s a bit more of a challenge leaving for multiple days than it was with just one child. 

Well that’s where I’m at with work. I’ll be sure to update everyone once there are any updates. Stay safe everyone!

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