Cross Country Move pt. I | Packing the Vehicles


We’re finally making the move from California to Florida. It’s bittersweet but I think it’s a good thing for us as a family. I wanted to share how we’re making this move happen so this will be a 3 part series.

Obviously this is part 1 where I’m sharing how I’m packing our vehicles. A quick synopsis of how we’re doing the move. I’m flying with our two kids (7 months and 2.5 years) while my husband is driving with our large dog. Airlines aren’t accepting pets in cargo due to increased flight changes and COVID-19 so we didn’t have a choice but to drive him. It’s not ideal but he’s our baby and we were nervous to put him in the cargo of a plane anyways.

We already shipped the majority of our stuff in a PODS container but there were a few things we needed with us while we stayed with family for a few months before we actually made the move.


We’re shipping one car which we can pack up to 100lbs in the trunk space. I’m not entirely sure how they’ll know if we go over 100lbs but to be on the safe side I’m packing light. Here’s what I have packed in the trunk

  • Toddlers bike & helmet
  • Addi Knitting Machine & bag of yarn
  • Container of random items that I forgot to put in the PODS
  • 2x Golf clubs/bags

Now here’s how my husband will be traveling on his road trip:


  • Suitcase with 5 days worth of clothing
  • Work backpack
  • Dog and dog food
  • UppaBaby bassinet that baby has been sleeping in while we stayed with family
  • Oxo 9pc containers (a gift we got after our PODS container already shipped)

My plan is to keep the front seat completely open so my husband doesn’t have to worry about things moving around while he’s driving.

I’m laying down the back seats so our dog has extra space to roam and be noisy at the passing cars.

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