Cross Country Move pt. II | Packing for the Airplane


This is part 2 of packing and moving cross country with two children. Today I’m sharing how I’m preparing for the airport with my two kids.


  • One large suitcase less than 50lbs
  • Two car seats


  • Diaper bag with the following: diapers, wipes, sanitizing wipes, infant toys, snacks, non-spill cups, iPad, travel documents, wallet, chargers, AirPods, change of baby clothes, baby blankets
  • 2x Koala Kloud Airplane Footrest, Inflatable Pillow for Kids Travel. I’m clipping these onto the diaper bag
  • Toddler backpack with the following: no mess coloring book and markers, 3 favorite non-noisy toys, kindle, headphones

Now you’re probably thinking ‘what about a stroller?’ well I’m actually bringing a wagon! We have this wagon from Costco and as long as the wagon folds it can be checked at the gate before boarding the plane. This is going to make traveling (hopefully) 10x easier with both kids.

Click the follow button to be the first to know when part 3 comes out. I’ll also be doing a review on the Koala Kloud Airplane Footrest, Inflatable Pillow.

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