Cross Country Move pt. III | making the move


We made it! And it was definitely quite the trip. Let’s start with my travel experience with the kids…

A few days before our flight I started to get really stressed about traveling by myself with two kids. Thankfully my flight wasn’t full because I ended up buying my mom a ticket and she traveled with us and stayed in Florida for 10 days to help us get settled. Thankful she was with us because my husbands trip didn’t turn out as planned. More to come on that.

As for the “airplane port” as my toddler called it, it was as well as I had hoped. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND BRINGING A WAGON vs. a stroller if you have multiple kids who are able to sit. I have the UppaBaby Vista stroller and use it as a double stroller. In order to break it down it becomes 3 separate pieces. In my opinion that’s too much work with the stress of kids and airports. The wagon is one piece and it’s easy to fold.

As planned I checked two car seats and one suitcase. All I had to tote around was the diaper backpack, toddler backpack, and my moms purse.

Two kids, two backpacks, and a purse all fit in our Costco wagon. Click here for more information on this awesome wagon!

Now for the flight. It was a 4.5 hour flight! That was much quicker than I thought but both kids just wouldn’t sleep! I chose the afternoon flight because it coincided with nap time.well the excitement of being on a plane meant a skipped nap time for the toddler. He fell asleep 45 minutes before landing. The baby would fall asleep on the Koala Kloud but the lavatory noises and his big brother kept waking him up. I accidentally packed the noise protecting infant headphones so I couldn’t block the noise. He hates being held when he sleeps so he was pretty much up the entire time as well. Now even though they were awake, I’m happy to report that not a single tear was she by either kid. No screaming or yelling occurred which was a miracle! I was completely shocked honestly.

We landed in Orlando around 11pm so I booked a hotel inside the airport so we could go straight from baggage claim to our room. Another genius move! This was when the wagon came in hand again because I put the car seats and our personal items in the wagon while we rolled the suitcase and held the baby. The toddler “helped” pull the wagon. The next morning we picked up our rental car and drove to our new home which is roughly 1.5 hours away.

So at this point we get our keys to our new apartment and all is well. Our PODS container had already been delivered so my mom and I slowly brought stuff in when we had the chance. Mean while my poor husband…

We planned on him arriving on the same day as me and the kids but that failed. It took my husband over a week to get to Florida because a freeze hit Texas and he was stuck there for days! Roads were shut down, gas stations were closed, hotels were sold out. He was stranded for a bit until he finally found a dog friendly hotel with one available room left. It wasn’t the greatest hotel he said but it was the only option. The dog didn’t seem to mind though.

Our dog enjoying his own bed in a dog friendly hotel somewhere in Texas.

Since he was in my car and our other car was in transit to Florida we ended up accumulating extra hotel and car rental expenses. That sucked but we’re all safe and that’s all that matters.

A big shoutout to my mom for helping us during this move! I seriously couldn’t have done it without her! It was quite the experience for all of us but the move is finally done and as much as I miss California I really don’t want to do that move again any time soon.

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