Way Overdue Pregnancy Update


I last wrote about trying to conceive baby #3 back in April, it’s now the end of January 2023 (oops) so it’s time for a pregnancy update…

As a recap, I started ovulation testing after I had my IUD removed. I also wanted to try the Shettles Method to try and conceive a girl which meant not doing the deed 2-3 days prior to ovulation. So here’s how it’s going…

April: Had IUD removed and mother nature visited twice. My body was regulating itself from the hormone changes.
May: Wanted to find out when I actually ovulate so avoided getting pregnant this month. Learned I ovulate on CD16 (cycle day 16).
June: Really tried this month. I ovulated a day later than last month, CD17. With the Shettles Method, 3 days prior was apparently too far out for those little girl swimmers so wasn’t able to conceive.
July: Ovulated on CD16 but didn’t work out this month either.
August: At this point I am extremely disappointed/sad that I haven’t been able to conceive yet. I feel that I’d rather have a healthy baby regardless of gender than trying to continue the Shettles Method and not be able to conceive at all.

Should out to all the people who experience infertility and difficulties getting pregnancy. I know it can take a long time and my impatience after only 3 months of trying cannot compare to what you all have/or experiencing.

August Continued: I got my first very very very faint line on CD8! The relief that went through me was something I didn’t expect. I was just so happy to see that second line I didn’t care whether the Shettles Method worked or not.

It is currently the end of January 2023 and I’ve failed at bringing you along my pregnancy journey. Here’s a breakdown of what’s happened:

1st Trimester: I.WAS.MISERABLE. I had the worst morning sickness. My doctor told me that my morning sickness is more on the mild side compared to what other women experience but coming from two pregnancy where I experienced zero morning sickness, I was miserable. Shoutout to all the women who had it worst then me, I’m not sure how you did it. I did the SneakPeak Gender Test at home and it came back boy at 8 weeks pregnant. SneakPeak was accurate with my second child so I wanted to try it again this pregnancy. Results, boy.

2nd Trimester: FEELING GREAT! Pregnancy is such a weird thing. One moment you’re miserable the next you’re feeling wonderful. I’m definitely experiencing more pregnancy symptoms compared to my other two pregnancies but it hasn’t been anything too crazy.
At 14 weeks we did a 3D ultrasound. We did this mostly to see if the SneakPeak test was accurate but we also did this with my two boys. It’s a fun appointment that I enjoyed with the boys so I wanted to do it again. And the results came back GIRL! Imagine my confusion!

Now for the 20 week anatomy scan. This is the real appointment that will confirm the gender so I was so nervous. The tech confirmed baby is a… GIRL! I was hopefully because this pregnancy has been completely different than my first two pregnancies but I didn’t want to assume. I mean, I am older and this is the third time I’m putting my body through this experience. But I am so happy my third (and final) baby is a girl! Maybe the Shettles Method does work…

And that’s the latest on my pregnancy journey. Now it’s time to continue to organize all the baby stuff!

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