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Did you know Nugget Comfort makes an Outdoor Nugget?

The warmer weather is finally making it’s way back to Florida and what better way to enjoy the beautiful weather than an Outdoor Nugget Comfort couch! After wanting to get one for the kids for some time now my sweet parents gifted us one.

To be honest I think my kids are a little too big to use the Nugget as a climbing platform. They’re two and four years old so climbing the Nugget isn’t really a challenge but they love using it as a fort, to play the game ‘floor is lava’, and a place to relax. The possibilities are endless for their little imaginations. Using the Nugget as a super giant monster truck ramp is another popular game they’ll play for hours.

What is my personal favorite part about the Outdoor Nugget? The fact that I find it extremely comfortable to lay on while the kids are running around in the back yard. That’s right, an adult can comfortably sit and lay down on the Nugget as well. My husband and I opted out of real patio furniture (for now) so the Outdoor Nugget is a comfortable place for me to sit and relax while watching the kids run around like wild animals.

Now the Nugget is kind of pricey but I do feel like the quality is great and will be long lasting. It’s also made with performance fabric so cleaning up messes is super simple. Spot clean and air dry and you don’t even notice a mess. There’s also a inner liner to protect the inner foam from the outdoor elements. I do wish the Outdoor Nugget was machine washable like the indoor Nugget but the performance fabric really does hold up against spills and dirt.

Thus far my only complaint is that I don’t have two of them! Bigger forts, bigger monster truck ramps, and not having to share with the kids 🙂

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The Outdoor Nugget is water resistant so reusable water balloons are a great activity to pair with your Outdoor Nugget
Playing “The Floor is Lava”
This is their favorite build. They love climbing then sliding (or tumbling) down