Master Bedroom Makeover


*Warning: Long Post*

Some might call it nesting but I’m super motivated to give my master bedroom a makeover. We’ve lived in our house for a year and a half and I feel like it’s time to finally give our room some character. Okay so maybe it’s nesting because we’re also transforming a portion of our master room into a nursery but regardless our room needs a sprucing up!

Here’s my inspiration:

The photo on the left is a very similar layout as my room. What I like about this is how the accent wall isn’t on the bed wall. I don’t want an accent wall between the two windows. I’m not in love with the geometric design of the photo on the left. It reminds me of mountains which would be great for my boys room but not for my master. Overall though I love the look of that entire room! The paint color is Sherwin Williams, Iron Ore.

I like the look of the geometric design on the photo to the right. I also like the paint color. It reminds me of the Sherwin Williams Color of the Year 2023, “Redend Point,” which I wanted to try since I used the 2022 Color of the Year in our guest room.

Here’s my game plan. I’m going to use 1x2x8 primed MDF boards to create this look. I decided on primed MDF boards because painting will be easier and no sanding is required before installing on the wall. Before I go out and start buying boards I’m going to use 2in. painters tape to create the design. This way I can have a visual on what the wall will look like. Once I’m happy with the design I’ll head over to my local Sherwin Williams and pick up some paint options. I’m a little afraid the Color of the Year 2023 is going to be too “pink.” I do plan on having the crib and rocker up against this wall so maybe the color won’t be so bad? We’ll see.

Day 1: It took me all day to replicate and figure out whether or not I liked the geometric design. I kept scouring Pinterest to see if maybe I thought a different accent look would be better but after contemplating the different looks I feel like the geometric look will be an overall better design once my husbands office furniture replaces the baby furniture. As for paint, I decided to go with Sherwin Williams, Iron Ore in their Emerald line with a satin finish. This is the same color as the picture on the top left.

I ordered everything online for curbside pickup that evening from Sherwin Williams and Lowe’s so everything would be ready for pickup the next morning.

Day 2: Once I did my curbside pickups I was ready to set up the room for painting. After lots of research probably the top advice I’ve read was to paint the wall first. Again, I purchased Sherwin Williams, Iron Ore in the Emerald line in a satin finish. I did two coats.

Day 3: Once the paint was completely dry I started adding my border pieces of the 1x2x8 primed MDF boards from Lowe’s. These boards are currently $5.98 each.

Day 4: Started creating the geometric design. I had to take the painters tape down when I painted the wall so I’m creating my design based on my inspiration picture and person preference.

Day 5: Continued putting up the remaining boards and filled nail holes and seams with spackling. I also caulked all the seams to create a seamless finish with the wall. Once dried I began sanding all of the spackling to a smooth finish. After that I took my vacuum and vacuumed the wall to get rid of any dust and took a microfiber towel to wipe down the entire wall.

Day 6: Last step was to paint the boards and any imperfections on the wall. I did two coats on the boards just like on I did on the wall.

This took me almost a week to finish this one wall. Mom life doesn’t stop just because I started a DIY project. I didn’t want my tiny “helpers” helping so I worked on it whenever they were occupied or napping but this could’ve been completed anywhere between 1-3 days, especially if you have help. I’m proud to say I did this all on my own!

Here’s a quick look at the complete supply list and cost breakdown for what I had to purchase and tools I used (but already had) to complete this project:

Primed MDF Board 1x2x8ft.
priced per ft.

Sherwin Williams Paint
Color of the Year 2023
Satin finish



Painters Tape

8pc. Painting Kit




Wood Filler

Plastic Drop Cloth




Tools Used

I already have the tools but this is how much they’re currently selling for at The Home Depot

Ryobi Miter Saw

Ryobi Airstrike Nail Gun


Stud Finder

2″ Brad Nails




Here’s the final look! I love how this turned out but I’m obviously biased. What do you all think? What would you have done differently? Feed back is always welcome as I’m still learning.

You can also check out my Instagram page to see reels and stories on how I completed this geometric accent wall.