Outdoor Nugget Comfort Couch | Review

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Did you know Nugget Comfort makes an Outdoor Nugget?

The warmer weather is finally making it’s way back to Florida and what better way to enjoy the beautiful weather than an Outdoor Nugget Comfort couch! After wanting to get one for the kids for some time now my sweet parents gifted us one.

To be honest I think my kids are a little too big to use the Nugget as a climbing platform. They’re two and four years old so climbing the Nugget isn’t really a challenge but they love using it as a fort, to play the game ‘floor is lava’, and a place to relax. The possibilities are endless for their little imaginations. Using the Nugget as a super giant monster truck ramp is another popular game they’ll play for hours.

What is my personal favorite part about the Outdoor Nugget? The fact that I find it extremely comfortable to lay on while the kids are running around in the back yard. That’s right, an adult can comfortably sit and lay down on the Nugget as well. My husband and I opted out of real patio furniture (for now) so the Outdoor Nugget is a comfortable place for me to sit and relax while watching the kids run around like wild animals.

Now the Nugget is kind of pricey but I do feel like the quality is great and will be long lasting. It’s also made with performance fabric so cleaning up messes is super simple. Spot clean and air dry and you don’t even notice a mess. There’s also a inner liner to protect the inner foam from the outdoor elements. I do wish the Outdoor Nugget was machine washable like the indoor Nugget but the performance fabric really does hold up against spills and dirt.

Thus far my only complaint is that I don’t have two of them! Bigger forts, bigger monster truck ramps, and not having to share with the kids 🙂

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The Outdoor Nugget is water resistant so reusable water balloons are a great activity to pair with your Outdoor Nugget
Playing “The Floor is Lava”
This is their favorite build. They love climbing then sliding (or tumbling) down

Prepare for Pregnancy! | Take off on this 9 month journey with me


So my husband and I are going to try for baby number 3 in about a month so I thought why not share my experience with pregnancy and MY journey to creating a human. I want to make clear that this is my experience and not everyone or even every pregnancy is the same.

If you noticed I mentioned that we were going to start trying for a baby in about a month. Yes that means that I start preparing my body for pregnancy at least a month before we conceive.

Obviously I try to eat a well balanced diet all the time but honestly I love sweets, soda, and coffee so much that it’s honestly an adjustment for me when we think about getting pregnant. According to the American Pregnancy Association, caffeine intake should be less than 200mg per day. This equates to about one 12oz cup of coffee. In any given day I usually have 2-3 cups of coffee plus a soda (dr. pepper) so preparing my body of caffeine withdraws is something I need to experience prior to pregnancy since my body will already be going through a lot of changes during pregnancy. Now it’s not just my caffeine intake that changes, I also start regularly drinking Liquid I.V. I’m not a huge fan of powdered drinks but since I’ve eliminated soda, drinking this once or twice a day gives a little flavor in my life besides water, plus it keeps me extra hydrated so it’s a win-win.

Lastly and probably the most important is that I start taking a prenatal vitamin. I’m taking Olly Ultra Strength Prenatal Softgels and what I really like about these is that the pills are small. In the past I took gummies but I saw that these Olly pills are smaller than typical prenatal vitamin pills so I’m giving these a try. So far I’m liking them but we’ll see how I feel once a baby is brewing.

I’m a huge planner when it comes to my pregnancies. I understand that this may not be the way some or most people experience pregnancies but everyone’s journey is different. Every pregnancy is different. This is me and my pregnancy journey and I’m just here sharing it with you. Feel free to subscribe to my blog to get updates on my pregnancy journey, home makeover projects, diy craft projects, and parenting hacks.

So here’s to baby number 3! Send girl vibes my way because I’m outnumbered with all the boys in the house! 🙂

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Baby Announcement!


Baby #2 finally arrived via a scheduled inducement. In all honesty, I couldn’t take being pregnant anymore. My doctor told me that it was safe and healthy for me to be induced at 39 weeks. So I wasted no time and scheduled the inducement at 39+1.

Please no judgement! Though I was having a safe and healthy pregnancy, I was having so much pelvic pain that I just couldn’t stand the thought of staying pregnant while I waited for my little man to come out naturally.

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Sunflower, Butterfly Onesie


A little while back I shared how I edited a sunflower, butterfly design in my Silhouette Studio software. I wanted to share the finished product.

If you didn’t get a chance to watch the video, click here.

If you’re interested in purchasing this onesie for a baby in your life, head over to Mariesah Mina Design!

Isn’t this the cutest?! I just love how it turned out.

Top 20 Mom & Baby Products

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With baby #2 arriving soon I am in complete nesting mode. I’ve organized all the baby stuff and rearranged furniture twice already, all of which are “reorganized” in their original location.

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I’m currently 34 weeks pregnant with my second baby. We’re having another boy so I don’t need much since I have mostly everything from my first child.

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Do-It-Yourself | Personalized Name Onesie


Here’s a tutorial on how I created this adorable onesie for my niece.

Created using Silhouette Studio and my Silhouette Cameo 3.

Items Needed:

  • Silhouette Cutting Machine
  • Cricut Everyday Iron-On Vinyl | Gold Glitter
  • Weeding tools or tweezers
  • Baby Onesie
  • Cricut EasyPress2 or Iron