Koala Kloud Inflatable Footrest | Review

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When I was planning our cross country move which required air travel I wanted something to make my children more comfortable. I came across the Koala Kloud Inflatable Footrest and decided to give it a try.

I bought two (one for each kid) but I ended up only using one. Each cost approximately

Top 20 Mom & Baby Products

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With baby #2 arriving soon I am in complete nesting mode. I’ve organized all the baby stuff and rearranged furniture twice already, all of which are “reorganized” in their original location.

While unpacking and organizing I wanted to share my personal favorite go to products that make parenting (in my opinion) a little easier.

Baby Products for Baby #2 | Same Gender


I’m currently 34 weeks pregnant with my second baby. We’re having another boy so I don’t need much since I have mostly everything from my first child.

For this post I’m leaving out diapers since those are kind of a given.

Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies


These are seriously the best chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever tasted! My husband is lactose intolerant so whenever I get cravings for baked goods I look for vegan options.

I didn’t have vegan chocolate chips so regular semi sweet chocolate chips were used.

I got this recipe from Baker by Nature and I’m so glad I stumbled upon it. It’s made with coconut oil, coconut milk, and applesauce! So for those who aren’t lactose intolerant and just looking for a healthier alternative these are perfect for you!

Now real bakers I’m sure mix the wet ingredients and then add the dry ingredients but I’m lazy and I just toss everything into my mixer.


Once all the ingredients are mixed, I put parchment paper onto a cookie sheet and scoop about 1 tablespoon of dough roughly 1/2-1 inch apart. These cookies mostly rise so it’s okay to have them a little closer together.

Place in the oven at 375 for 9-10 minutes and then place on a cooling rack.

Then there you have it! Healthy (mostly) vegan chocolate chip cookies! Hope you enjoy them as much as my family did!

Capsule Wardrobe | Classy Yet Trendy


Back in 2018, my sister, mother, and I came across this concept of a capsule wardrobe. After some research, we discovered that it’s minimalism within your closet. Since we found ourselves always wearing the same clothes all the time we figured we’d give it a try. We purchased the Simplified Style Year-Round Capsule Wardrobe e-book by Leanne Blackmon, the creator of Classy Yet Trendy.

This is a capsule outfit. White tee, black jeans, and sperry type shoes. Suppose to be paired with a jean jacket but it was way too warm. See… simplified and never out of style! This is a more simplified outfit; other outfits seem more dressy.

This book is great because it gives you a detail layout of what to wear during each season. This capsule sticks to clothing that never goes out of style so this truly is something I’ll stick with forever. Leanne first tells you which pieces you’ll need so if you don’t already have them you can thrift the items like we did. Since the items are simplified style you’ll probably find that you already own a majority of the pieces. For example, a jean jacket, pencil skirt, black dress. Other things were investment pieces like a trench coat. I didn’t own one until this capsule, but I purchased mine from Old Navy for around $50 (on sale) so it wasn’t too expensive. Then she lays out the actual outfit for you. Leanne sets a calendar with outfit numbers and you can wear that outfit based on which capsule you decide to purchase. Or you can just choose your own outfit. Up to you!

For items that weren’t found in the capsule, I ended up donating. There were the exception pieces though. There were certain shirts and shoes I wear constantly so I wasn’t quite ready to part with those items immediately. But after throwing what seemed like the majority of my closet I seriously felt like a weight came off my chest. I also felt great donating my items to those who needed it more than me.

Now that I have my capsule complete it seriously saves me so much time. With having a 16 month old and not a sense of fashion, getting ready in the morning takes less than 10 minutes (makeup and all). Since I’m a flight attendant and required to wear a uniform to work, having a capsule wardrobe just makes more sense in the form of packing for trips. Every 4th month I’m on reserve and I never know where I’ll be going, so packing can be difficult. Will it be hot? Cold? Long layover or short? The capsule makes packing easy. More to come on how I pack for work/travel.

So if you’re like me and have a hard time with fashion or find yourself wearing the same thing over and over, then I recommend considering a capsule wardrobe! I love my year-round capsule because it’s one book but Leanne creates new e-books for every new season so you could start off with that in case you’re unsure of committing to the year-round capsule.

I hope you all find this helpful. The part I love most is that it makes packing for work/travel way easier. Good luck to you all venturing into this wonderful world of Capsuling!

Reserve & Mom Life


Being a reserve flight attendant means that I can be called at anytime and need to report to the airport within 3 hours. I bet a lot of you are wondering how that works with having a 16 month old son. Well it’s not easy but thankfully I have a lot of family support! Here’s how I plan to survive my September reserve month:

Schedule: this month I’m available to the company every Friday-Monday which means I have every Tuesday-Thursday off. I bid for this schedule intentionally so I could minimize number of days we’d need a babysitter. More weekdays off; prioritize weekend flying.

Bidding for specific assignments: so this one is most important because the day prior I have the choice to input bids for specific trips I want based on what’s available. These trips are usually open due to someone calling in sick, being removed from the trip for any number of reasons, or maybe there was a flight crew legality or weather which made the original crew be reassigned. I prioritize this because 1. I feel like I have a little bit more control over my schedule. 2. I know what my next day trip will be because I chose to work it. 3. It eliminates scheduling calling me in the middle of the night. These trips are given to FA’s in seniority order so I may not get the specific trip but I always try this option first.

Standby duty: if I can’t get a specific trip than I bid for airport standby as my secondary option. This is where I show up at the airport and hangout for 6 hours. During that time if there is any crew issues and someone isn’t able to make the flight than I’d be used to replace that FA. You’re usually assigned a flight within 30 minutes to departure time. So standbys are used as a very last resort. I chose this because it’s less likely to actually get assigned a trip. Again, I bid for this option the day prior to a reserve day so I know what I’m doing. This way I can figure out and make arrangements for babysitting.

Remain on call: this is my last option (hopefully option 1 and 2 work so I never have to use this) but this is basically where I’m at home going about my day and scheduling can call me for a trip within 3 hours once I’m notified. I hate this option because I never know when I’m going to get a call. I could be grocery shopping and I’d need to stop and head to the airport. This option is especially hard with babysitting. Family members babysit when my husband and I can’t be home so I always feel bad asking them to stop their plans to help watch the baby. Its like they’re on reserve too! On days where I’m just waiting around I usually go to a family members house so it’s easier on them. No driving necessary for them. I try to make it as easy and convenient as possible (even if that means it’s more inconvenient for me).

That’s my intended plan on sieving this months reserve. If all goes right I’m hoping we won’t have to rely on babysitters. Stay tuned for updates as to how my plan is working out!