4moms® mamaRoo® 4 Classic Infant Seat | Review

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Here’s another review for all the pregnant mamas and new parents out there in search for a baby swing/rocker.

I purchased the 4moms® mamaRoo® 4 Classic Infant Seat in Black from BuyBuyBaby. Now it’s a bit on the pricey side ($219.99) which was why I didn’t purchase it with my first son, but since I had pretty much everything I needed for my second son I figure it was my one “splurge” product for this child. I’ve heard mixed reviews on this as some baby’s love it and others hate it.

I’m going my share my pros and cons list with you and let you all decide what you think is best. I’ll give my opinion at the end.

– Easy setup
– Lightweight
– Bluetooth compatible
– Sleek and modern looking
– Various speeds/sounds/movements
– Capability to plug in your own device for different music options (adapter included)
– Easy to place child in inclined/reclined position

– Price! It’s $219.99 at BuyBuyBaby. I felt like it was a risk purchasing this because I worried my child wouldn’t like it
– It doesn’t swing: it rocks and sways. Though I knew that when I purchased it, I still figured the “sway” would be more similar to a “swinging” motion.
– Didn’t fit my newborn properly: his head would slouch forward making it look difficult to breath. I’m not sure if he was having a hard time breathing but I wasn’t about to risk it so I waited until he was a bit older before putting him in it.
– Doesn’t lay completely flat: I was say it reclines a little lower than a carseat.

So my overall opinion:
I unfortunately regret getting this. I love the concept and I love all the features, it’s easy to move around because it’s so lightweight but MY.CHILD.HATES.IT! Within 2 minutes of having him in it he starts crying. I try leaving him in it for a few extra minutes thinking he’ll self soothe because he’s just tired but no. He literally won’t stop. He’s more of a “lay me in my bassinet and I’ll put myself to sleep” kind of baby which is great but now I’m $220 (plus tax) down the drain.

My suggestion is maybe borrowing someone’s and seeing if you baby likes it or maybe purchase a used one off of Facebook Marketplace. That way you’re not wasting a lot of money for something your child might dislike. If you can afford the price of this product then I would say why not try it out! But for those who are being more financially conscious when it comes to swings/rockers this might not be the product for you.

Maybe as my son gets older he’ll learn to like it but currently as a 3 month old he hates it. I really want him to like it since it seems like a wonderful product but we’ll see.

Feel free to ask me any questions in the comments section!

Top 20 Mom & Baby Products

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With baby #2 arriving soon I am in complete nesting mode. I’ve organized all the baby stuff and rearranged furniture twice already, all of which are “reorganized” in their original location.

While unpacking and organizing I wanted to share my personal favorite go to products that make parenting (in my opinion) a little easier.

1. OsoCozy Cloth Diapers: used as burp clothes! They’re super absorbent and you can order larger sizes since diapers come in many sizes.

2. Earth Mama Organic Nipple Cream: soothe and moisturize without having to wipe clean before breastfeeding since it’s lanolin free. Seriously a nipple saver!

3. Earth Mama Organic Perineal Balm: another Earth Mama product saving your private parts! The perfect balm for postpartum that makes me think I’m recovering faster since I’m not in as much pain.

4. Nose Frida: though the concept still grosses me out, I find relief knowing that I can help my child breath just a little bit easier when they have colds. It’s also safer because you can clean and sanitize this product.

5. WubbaNub Pacifier: my first child was a pacifier baby. The stuffy attached the pacifier makes it less likely to be lost and also kept in place. And they’re adorable!

7. Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags: save all that precious milk for those “mama nights out”. I love the double zip sealer and how easy it is to pour into a bottle when it comes time to use.

8. Zip up pajamas (not buttons!): I love anything with zippers! No buttons ever in this household!

9. Zutano Baby Booties: I never have to worry about losing and finding baby socks. These are fashionable, warm, and never slip off!

10. Cotton Swaddle Blanket: I hate swaddling with any other blanket. This is the only swaddle that keeps arms from escaping (maybe I’m just a bad swaddler?). I only swaddle my baby in blankets during the day when I’m awake or someone is watching baby.

11. Halo Sleepsack Swaddles: At night I swaddle my newborn in these. I never have to worry about arms breaking free of a swaddle blanket and the blanket going over baby’s face.

12. Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper: I like how baby can be a little further from the bed and can be swiveled closer when I need to take baby out for feedings at night.

13. Convertible stroller: I use the Uppababy Vista stroller. It converts to a double stroller with adapters. I use the bassinet portion for the newborn and the regular seat for my toddler.

14. Comotomo Baby Bottle: I honestly don’t bottle feed often but when I do I use these bottles. I children seem to take to this bottle more than others. I think it’s because it mimics a breast best compared to other bottle nipples I’ve used.

15. NailFrida: I absolutely love the viewing window so I don’t accidentally cut the nail to short.

16. My Brest Friend Feeding Pillow: nursing is already a challenging process. This pillow makes nursing more comfortable for both mom and baby.

17. Kick n’ Play Piano Gym: great for tummy time!

18. Hatch Baby Rest: not sure if this works better on baby or mommy but I like the bluetooth connectivity, customization, and presets so you can create a routine throughout the day.

19. Boba Wrap: I use this primarily during the newborn stage. Baby feels secure and you can multitask like the boss you are. Its comfortable to wear and the material is soft and stretchy. Lots of cute patterns too!

20. Ergobaby Carrier: when baby gets bigger I like to use this carrier. Baby can face in or out once they have head control.

There you have it, my top 20 mom and baby products!