Baby Announcement!


Baby #2 finally arrived via a scheduled inducement. In all honesty, I couldn’t take being pregnant anymore. My doctor told me that it was safe and healthy for me to be induced at 39 weeks. So I wasted no time and scheduled the inducement at 39+1.

Please no judgement! Though I was having a safe and healthy pregnancy, I was having so much pelvic pain that I just couldn’t stand the thought of staying pregnant while I waited for my little man to come out naturally.

Since this is my second child

Baby Products for Baby #2 | Same Gender


I’m currently 34 weeks pregnant with my second baby. We’re having another boy so I don’t need much since I have mostly everything from my first child.

For this post I’m leaving out diapers since those are kind of a given.

Do-It-Yourself | Personalized Newborn Pants


Here’s another diy project created using my Silhouette Cameo 3 but this time I used newborn pants instead of a onsie. Not sure how I feel about them but once my little one is in them I’m sure they’ll be adorable.

I chose my favorite cursive font and used the simple text, “Baby Caleb” and “Caleb”.

In the design studio for Silhouette, I then sized them according to the size of the pants (in this case newborn size). “Baby Caleb” was approximately 2 inches wide and 5.5 inches long. “Caleb” was 2 inches wide and 4 inches long (I’ll have to double check the exact sizing. These are approximations).

Once you have the sizing you like, flip your design so it’s mirrored or backwards and then you’re finished creating the design.

For the cut settings I used “Heat Transfer: Smooth” and changed it to number 3 instead of the original setting because my blade is dull. Normally I would keep it on the preset setting.

Then send your design to cut and watch the magic happen!

Weed your design, place your design on your clothing of choice and iron. I am still using a regular iron which I feel doesn’t give the smoothest application and takes a bit longer to actually adhere to the clothing. I want to invest in the Cricut Easy Press 2 but haven’t gotten around to making the purchase.

If anyone has a review on the Cricut Easy press please let me know!

Happy crafting!

Also, please don’t mind the stained navy pant, these are hand me downs from my first son. I’ve never used vinyl on infant pants so these were also kind of a trial run that seemed very successful.

Do-It-Yourself | “New to the Crew” Baby Onesie


Here’s another diy for your shelter-in-place entertainment.

Again, using my Silhouette Cameo 3, I designed this using my favorite script font and some random “free design” accents that I downloaded for commercial use on the Silhouette Store. I placed them randomly to frame my design.

I sent my design to my cutting machine on “Heat Transfer: Smooth and changed it to setting 3 instead of 2 because my blade is getting dull.

Weed and place on a onesie and iron on! I still use a regular iron which is why I feel like my application isn’t the smoothest. I want to invest in the Cricut Easy Press 2 but that’ll have to wait. For now an iron will do.

I love that this can be personalized with baby’s last name to make it more personable.


P.S. I swear that isn’t a Nike check. It was part of the free design on the Silhouette design store.

If you love this design but not up to making it yourself, you can head over to B&C Company and purchase a onesie for the little one in your life.

Do-It-Yourself | Baby Boy Onesie


With shelter in place put in effect, I’m trying to keep busy (and sane) and decided to make a baby boy onesie for my new arrival coming June 2020.

I had a minor messed up with the peeling process after ironing on the design but since it’s for my own child I don’t mind the mess up. If it were a gift I would’ve made another one.

“Hi I’m Caleb” for our new little boy was made using the following:

1. Silhouette Cameo 3

2. Cricut Iron-on vinyl in black

3. Iron

Carter’s baby onesie in white

Just choose your favorite font and center the design so it’s even.

Flip your design so it’s reverse. This is for the cutting machine. Don’t forget to do this or it won’t iron on properly to the material.

Cut the design and iron on! That’s it! Super easy 5-10 minute craft and a personalized baby onesie for your little one.

Side Note: there was a minor issue with the “A” in Caleb because I tried peeling the clear plastic off of the vinyl when it was too hot. So please make sure to let it cool before trying to peel.

If you love this design but not up to making it yourself, you can head over to Mariesah Mina Design and purchase a onesie for the little one in your life. You can also shop my Instagram @mariesahminadesign

Stay healthy and safe during this time of coronavirus, COVID-19!

Mother & Son Halloween Costume


For my sons first Halloween his father was out of town for a business trip so I wanted to do a mother & son costume but I wasn’t entirely sure what to do. My mother-in-law purchased a lion costume for my son at Marshall’s just because she thought it was cute. I wasn’t sure if I was actually going to dress him up as a lion but then I had the idea of being a lion tamer.

So off to my local thrift shop! I went to find a top hat and some sort of red blazer. I found the red blazer at the thrift shop but couldn’t find a top hat. I decided to stop by Walmart and luckily they had a few left. I spent less than $10 for both items. I then found a pair of mustard pants that I already owned, brown boots, and a white shirt. And ta-da! Costume complete!

I attempted to put black whiskers on my son with eyeliner but he wasn’t having it. Hope you enjoy and this brings some Halloween inspiration to you and your little one!

Do-It-Yourself | Newborn Photoshoot


When I was pregnant with my first son I started researching newborn photographers in my local area and it was decided very early on that we would not be getting professional photos taken simply due to the cost. It wasn’t an expense that my husband and I were willing to pay. So I decided to do my own. When my son was 10 days old, in the morning I made some props with his boppy and a few blankets my mom had crocheted and took a gazillion photos. Here are some of the results:

Though they are not nearly as cute as a professional with all the extra props and wraps but I was able to get a few photos that I was happy to print and put in his nursery.

For those who don’t want to spend a mini fortune on professional photos, all you need is a few simple items:

  1. Boppy or baby lounger
  2. Different colored textured blankets
  3. Camera – I used my Sony mirrorless camera but I’m sure a phone camera like an iphone will do
  4. Natural sunlight!

If you can spare the expense, I’m sure getting newborn photos taken is a fun experience but for those who either don’t want to spend the money or for those who just want to take photos of your newborn baby, I had a lot of fun interacting with my newborn during our photoshoot so this is a good experience to bond with that precious newborn of yours.

Baby’s 1st Birthday


One year came and went with the birth of our first baby. Our son has been the biggest delight of our lives. We thought we had everything until we added this little nugget to the family. Even though he’s nearly 1.5 years old now I’m just getting around posting about his first birthday party. So here we go!

Let me first start off by saying that first birthday parties should really be for the parents. I mean, we raised a happy child for 365 days! We’re the ones to be celebrated. Am I right parents?!

Anyways, so we decided on a “Wild One” theme. I knew I did not want a jungle or Where The Wild Things Are vibe so I kind of just diy’d things and hoped they would all come together. I guess if there was a vibe it was sort of an adventure theme.

Food: Because of the adventure vibe we had a bake potato bar. My husband side of the family is Filipino so his family members brought a bunch of Filipino food as well. I know, doesn’t exactly go with the theme but food makes people happy so who’s gonna complain?

Dessert: My aunt in-law does an amazing job at cookies so she provided the cutest cookies. Not only are they cute but they taste amazing. Weird analogy but they’re like Doritos. You can never just eat one.

Smash Cake: I opted out of buying a fancy cake and I just made a vanilla cake with vanilla frosting. I figured he was just going to smash it so what’s the point in spending a lot of money. I did try to spruce it up by making my own cake topper which for the amateur crafter I am I think came out pretty good.

My parents purchased the adult cake. They chose a chocolate ganache cake with powdered chocolate and chocolate shavings as it best represents a log. My parents also provided the redwood log rounds that the desserts sat on. They live on 30 acres in the redwood mountains. I felt like they really made the whole table come together.

Activities: there was a swimming pool for kids to enjoy, card games for those who just wanted to sit and relax, then someone had the great idea of starting beer pong (good job husband) at a first birthday party but people wanted to play so why not. We didn’t offer too much entertainment since mostly everyone just wanted to sit and chat.

DIY Items: all diy’d items were made with my Silhouette Cameo 3.

I created arrows, feathers, and teepees for cupcake toppers. I hot glued them to toothpicks and stuck them in store bought cupcakes. Added a little extra to some Safeway cupcakes.

Besides cookies and a cake topper I was determined to have a balloon arch. Again, wasn’t willing to spend a fortune so I made one myself. I purchased this balloon tape from amazon and these green balloons (I couldn’t find darker balloons on amazon for some reason). It made the balloon arch so easy! The hardest part was blowing up the balloons. I recommend not using a hand pump as there were over 100 balloons. My arms were sore the next day. I used command hooks to hold the balloons in place on the wall. For a budget it came out decent.

For the presents area I made 1-12 monthly banner and attached the monthly photo via a clothes pin and some double sided tape. I had my Silhouette draw out the numbers and I had my husband fill them in with a black marker.

For the birth stats and welcome sign my sister made them since I was extremely overwhelmed with trying to finalize everything. So props to Auntie coming in with the final touches!

I was inspired to make at least one table look Pinterest worthy. The room we rented was so large that I realized I was only able to decorate one area/table. I feel pretty accomplished for having done all this while dealing with a one year old.

Congratulations to all the parents who are celebrating their little ones first birthday! Enjoy the moments for what they are because one day we’re going to miss them when they’re this little.