Bridesmaid Attire


Believe it or not but my bridesmaids dress was a lot harder to chose than my own wedding dress! Maybe because I wasn’t going to be the one wearing the dress and I wanted my bridesmaids to be comfortable but stylish or because there seemed to be way more options (color and style) that it was really overwhelming.

The dress worn is White by Vera V Neck Halter Gown with Sash in the color Blush. The dress was purchased at Davids Bridal. 

The great thing about Davids Bridal is that there are promotions/discounts pretty often. I told my bridesmaids to purchase the dress when there was a 20% off sale. There are also tons of colors, dress styles, and designers! 

I chose a simple baby’s breath/eucalyptus combination for their bouquets and nude shoes. I let the choose their own shoes, which 3 of the 5 wore sandals. It didn’t matter since the dresses were long. 

I love how the dress looked beautiful on all my bridesmaids and I hope its a popular dress/color that maybe they can be worn again at another event or wedding. 

Photography: Danyelle Dee Photography

Venue: Chaminade Resort and Spa

Bridesmaid Shoutout


Like most brides I completely fell in love with my wedding gown the second I put it on. It really was one of those moments where I just knew this was the one. But probably unlike most brides the day of my wedding I couldn’t wait to take my gown off after 5 minutes of it being on!

On the Tuesday before my Friday wedding I went to pick up my wedding dress from the seamstress. It fit perfectly. After a few adjustments I took my dress home so excited to actually wear it in just a few days later. When the moment finally came to put it on there was an immediate sense of something wrong.

I’m not sure what the seamstress did in the hour between trying it on and taking it home that Tuesday before but it somehow became tighter around the hips and the clasp in the back was put on backwards!

It took my entire bride tribe approximately 15 minutes to clasp my dress!

With the clasp being backwards that meant it was also tighter around the chest so I couldn’t sit upright. I always had to lean backwards or just stand throughout the night. It was also so right around the hips that I couldn’t use the restroom! My sweet cousin offered to hold a cup down there but even a cup couldn’t make it past my knees. Can you imagine not using the bathroom?! And I wasn’t about to take the dress completely off because it took 15 minutes to clasp it the first time.

So as much as I love my dress and love this picture, it’s funny that at this exact moment I was actually stressed and irritated that my seamstress messed up so badly!