Board and Batten | Guest Room Makeover


In my previous post you saw my IKEA nightstand hack for my guest room. After I saw the nightstands in the room I was so proud but the room felt incomplete. I’ve been wanting to add board and batten to the room but I’m honestly scared I’ll completely screw it up.

Well I finally built up the courage and bought all the materials! I literally don’t have any tools besides a drill so I’ll be making a game time decision on which tools I’m purchasing. I want to make this project as cost efficient as possible but I also want to be efficient with my time. If you already have a miter saw and nail gun than you’re already one step ahead of me. Here’s what I ended up purchasing:

– 1″x3″x8′ common boards
– 1″x6″x8′ common boards
– 1″x2″x8′ common boards

– Brad Nailer: I purchased the Ryobi Airstrike
– Miter Saw: I purchased the 10in Ryobi Miter Saw
– Level
– Caulking/gun (paintable)
– Paint samples/paint

Additional Items: things you’ll need but I already had
– Spackling
– Sander/sand paper
– Paint supplies: pan, roller, brush

Determine the amount of lumber:
I’m following this pin by A Diamond in the Stuff as a guide but I decided not to do the bottom trim piece. Instead I’ll be cutting mine at 45 degree angle like how Lovely etc. did hers. I don’t want the extra work of ripping out my baseboards.

I started out by measuring my space. I’m doing the entire room which equaled approximately 475.25in. I purchased 8ft. boards. I was able to get two 48″ battens (vertical strips) out of each 8ft. board. 48″ plus 6″ top board equals 54″ so I decided last minute to add a 1×2 ledge to make the total height 55″ tall.

Do some simple math to add up how much lumber you’ll need. I had The Home Depot cut my 1x3s for me since those would be 4ft tall which is exactly half of the 1x3x8s. This saved me the extra work (so I thought) and the employee didn’t charge me for it.

Here we go:
Step 1: I started out by doing a 45 degree bevel cut on the bottom of all my batten pieces. Then I did a quick sanding of the ends, sides, and surface area that would be painted. The boards were already smooth but I wanted the ends smooth as well.

Step 2: Next I added my battens to the wall. I cut a 16″ piece of 1×2 and used this as a spacer to make my battens 16″ apart. My studs are 16″ apart but if yours aren’t then I suggest using some construction adhesive on the back of your boards before placing them on the wall. Using my new fancy Ryobi Airstrike brad nailer, I nailed the pieces into the studs.

Step 3: Next I adding the horizontal top boards (1x6s) to the wall using a level to ensure it’s straight. I secured these to the wall with a brad nailer.

*note: apparently my walls aren’t even because some areas were left with an awkward gap. So getting my pieces cut at The Home Depot probably wasn’t the best idea but I had a simple solution! I purchased five additional 1x3x8 common boards and added a transition piece to hide the awkward gaps. This just adds a little more character. A minor mistake but I think it’ll still turn out great!

Step 4: Sand any rough areas, fill nail holes with spackling, and caulk edges. Once dry, sand the spackling areas to create a smooth even finish.

Step 5: Now you’re ready to paint. I used Sherwin Williams 2022 Color of the Year, Evergreen Fog. I’ll be honest I’m horrible with color so I’m glad the Sherwin Williams website tells you what the coordinating colors are. I knew I wanted a shade of green so why not use the 2022 Color of the Year!

And here’s the final look! I’m so proud of myself for doing this 100% on my own! I feel very accomplished and I can’t wait to continue doing more home projects and bettering my skills!

Check out my Instagram highlight, “Home Renovations” for quick video snippets on how I accomplished this look!


Dresser Makeover


My kids dresser needed a major makeover. I could not stand looking at their blue dresser anymore since I got them new beds for their new shared room (their bed frames are black). So I decided to attempt the whole black paint thing.

Honestly the kids dresser has gone through a lot of life. It was actually my husbands dresser when he was a baby so it’s over 30 years old. Yes I know I should just get a new one but there’s structurally nothing wrong with the dresser. It was just plain. It’s a solid oak wood dresser that I chalked painted blue which originally matched my older sons nursery but now no longer matches the boys shared room.

I am no stylist so don’t judge the horrible decorating. I used ready to use black paint from Walmart. Added 2 coats and added brass/gold handles from ikea.

It’s not perfect by any means but I’m pretty satisfied with how it came out.

*Also the wet mark on the top left drawer is wet paint. My 2 year old decided to chuck a monster truck at the dresser right before I took the picture so I did a quick touch up of paint. I was too lazy to wait for it to dry before taking a picture 🙂

Update | Do-It-Yourself | Baby Girl Onesie


Remember that baby girl onesie “Bows and Big Brows” that I made for my niece? If not, check out my post here for a step-by-step guide on how to create this onesie yourself with a cutting machine.

Well my niece arrived about a month ago and look who finally fits into it! Isn’t she precious?!

This is the first onesie I’ve made with a baby actually wearing it. It definitely looks more adorable when there’s an adorable baby wearing it!

Do-It-Yourself | Baby Boy Onesie


With shelter in place put in effect, I’m trying to keep busy (and sane) and decided to make a baby boy onesie for my new arrival coming June 2020.

I had a minor messed up with the peeling process after ironing on the design but since it’s for my own child I don’t mind the mess up. If it were a gift I would’ve made another one.

“Hi I’m Caleb” for our new little boy was made using the following:

1. Silhouette Cameo 3

2. Cricut Iron-on vinyl in black

3. Iron

Carter’s baby onesie in white

Just choose your favorite font and center the design so it’s even.

Flip your design so it’s reverse. This is for the cutting machine. Don’t forget to do this or it won’t iron on properly to the material.

Cut the design and iron on! That’s it! Super easy 5-10 minute craft and a personalized baby onesie for your little one.

Side Note: there was a minor issue with the “A” in Caleb because I tried peeling the clear plastic off of the vinyl when it was too hot. So please make sure to let it cool before trying to peel.

If you love this design but not up to making it yourself, you can head over to Mariesah Mina Design and purchase a onesie for the little one in your life. You can also shop my Instagram @mariesahminadesign

Stay healthy and safe during this time of coronavirus, COVID-19!