Job Update


It’s been a crazy year for Flight Attendants regardless of which company you’re working for. Policies have changed, flight loads have lightened, limited routes and more. Because of all these changes and my personal and family lifestyle, I’ve made the decision to resign from my position as flight attendant.

This was not an easy choice and it’s honestly been something I’ve been pondering before the pandemic even hit. I loved my job but ultimately it came down to wanting to stay home and care for my children more.

After 8 years of working for my airline I feel I’ve visited many awesome places and made lots of new friends so I don’t feel any regret or remorse giving up my career to focus on my family. Sometimes people just outgrow their current position/situation and want to go in a different direction. For me that’s my children.

Now just because I no longer have flight benefits doesn’t mean I won’t be sharing travel tips, tricks, and cool destinations. As a family we still plan on doing fun destination vacations (once the pandemic is more under control) but for now we’re going to be playing tourist in our new state of Florida.

I want to say good luck and stay positive to all my fellow flight attendants and travel enthusiasts who come across my blog. This pandemic won’t last forever and the world of travel that we’re use to will soon return. I’ll miss you all but I’ll see you 34,000ft above me from the ground!

Flight Attendant & Pregnancy | Update


It’s been over a one month since my first post about being pregnant and working as a Flight Attendant so I thought it would be a good time to give an update on what’s been going on.

I am now 30 weeks pregnant and am now on state disability due to the coronavirus, COVID-19 outbreak. My doctor no longer finds it safe for me to be flying with the unknown of the effects on pregnant women on their unborn child(ren).

With that being said, I’m grateful to be home but with “shelter-in-place” I’m starting to go stir crazy in our one bedroom apartment. I didn’t realize how often I go outside with my little one. I have can’t leave the house because it’s not worth the risk but at the same time I’m desperate for some fresh air. But I’m thankful for mine and my family’s health and I hope this crazy pandemic ends soon for everyone.

The aviation industry is particularly struggling with this COVID-19 virus. Most airlines are operating at the bare minimum and some are even furloughing their flight attendants due to closing bases because they can’t afford to keep their employees. I selfishly feel safe at the current moment only because I’m on state disability but what’s going to happen when I return from my leave? Everything is so uncertain at this time. All we can do is stick together and do what we can to keep our jobs as essential workers.

To all my aviation workers, stay safe, stay healthy, stay positive. I’m thinking of you!

Aviation and pregnancy updates coming soon.

Flight Attendant & Pregnancy


Being a flight attendant and being pregnant are both challenging but when you’re both at the same time you can imagine how one can impact the other.

For this post I’m going to share my experience as a pregnant flight attendant but please note that my experience could and most likely is completely different from someone else’s experience.

I am currently 23 weeks pregnant and for the most part I’m feeling ok. Back pain is starting to occur and I’ve had some slight cramping from what my doctor says is from my round ligaments not getting proper time to rest due to the nature of my job and caring for a 22 month old. Everything is safe and healthy, just uncomfortable and annoying especially when I’m working.

When it comes to performing the essential job functions I would say certain FA work positions are more challenging than the others. For me, it’s easiest if I’m one of the aisle FA’s meaning I’m the one in the aisle helping during boarding instead of being in the front or back of the plane setting up the galley’s. Galley positions are more physically demanding with lifting and bending more often so it’s more of a challenge for me. My belly still isn’t huge so I’m not exactly in the way when I’m in the aisle assisting with boarding yet.

I won’t lie when I say I’m exhausted by the end of he day even if I’m only doing 1-2 legs. Something about the higher altitude and just being on my feet for long periods of time makes me tired (or maybe I’m just out of shape).

I’ve spoken to my doctor about going out early for California State disability but since I’m healthy and no medical issues there isn’t a reason for me to be put on disability. At first I was upset because flying is tough on the body even if you aren’t pregnant so I was frustrated and felt like she didn’t understand the demands of my job, but after a day to stew, I’m actually very grateful that my baby and me are healthy. I feel fine as of now to continue working but it’s okay to fly (according to my doctor) up until 36 weeks. I honestly don’t think I’ll make it that far but we’ll see.

Now for those who have had miscarriages in the past or other medical challenges that put you in a high risk pregnancy I would definitely express your concerns to your doctor about going on disability/leave early, especially in the first trimester. I personally don’t have any experience but I’ve read and met enough women who said that flying increases the risk of miscarriage in the first trimester. So please do what you feel is best for yourself and your unborn child. Only you know what feels best, follow your intuitions.

I’ll be back with updates and let you all know how this whole experience is going.

Fly safe everyone!

Pass Me the Money


So I worked my first premium flight out of my home base. It’s not that particularly hard but I still felt like a newbie since I’ve never worked this particular flight before but my crew was really friendly and the flight went pretty smooth other than the ATC holds due to construction on runways which caused 3 hour delays both coming and going.

I was working on an Airbus 321T aircraft which consists of first, business, and main cabin. I was working in business class. Our aircraft was lay flat seats in both first and business class which is great but the one downfall, if you drop your phone down the side of the seat (or any other important personal item) you’re pretty much screwed. The seat eats your items alive! Just kidding! But 99% of the time a mechanic will need to come onboard once you’ve landed to take the seat apart in order to reach the item you’ve dropped.

Well on my way home a passenger informed me he dropped his phone down the side of his seat. I gave the whole speech about the mechanic if we weren’t able to find it or reach it ourselves. Thankfully he was just grateful for the help and not upset about having to stay behind once we landed to get his phone.

I got my flashlight and started looking around under his seat and I asked Mr. Lost Phone Dude if he only dropped his phone. He said yes and asked why. Casually I informed him that someone had dropped money and I think there’s a $5 bill down there. He started laughing and he said, “now I have something to entertain me until we land. I’m gonna get you that $5!”. I was highly entertained by his enthusiasm for this $5. After a few minutes I told Mr. Lost Phone Dude that he should check the side magazine holder just in case his phone fell down there. WHAT DO YOU KNOW… THERE HIS PHONE WAS. So thankful no mechanics were necessary.

Once we landed, Mr. Lost Phone Dude sadly approached me stating that he wasn’t able to get the $5 for me. I laughed because he was actually trying to get it (I watched him during flight). When my co-worker heard there was money she was determined to get it. So out she went to the seat with a pair of bread tongs to get the $5. She walks back a few minutes later proudly placing the $5 in my hand.

Moral of the story, if passengers ever drop items in their seat, take a thorough look because you might be able to fuel your next Starbucks addiction.