Dip Powder Manicure | $10 Off Coupon


So I know this isn’t my usual post but I wanted to share this wonderful product I discovered!

DipWell Nails!

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It’s an at home dip powder nail kit. It’s seriously perfect for all the busy people out there who either don’t have the time or money to go to a nail salon.

It’s ideal with my lifestyle because I can still have a nice set of nails and not worry about chipping while taking care of a toddler or while I’m working. My nails also grow extremely fast and it bugs me that I need to get a full after 2 weeks.

DipWell lasts for up to 6 weeks but once my nails grow out after 2 weeks I’m glad I can give myself that fresh manicure without spending more money.

No I’m not sponsored for this post. I just seriously love this so much that I wanted to share.

Happy dipping everyone!