An Exciting End to 2020


It’s officially the end of 2020 and though it’s been a challenging year, it’s ending with some exciting news for my family.

Just two days ago I received my recall back to work letter! I’ll be back in the sky starting as early as March 2021. Though March is still some time away it gives me the necessary time to get my family adjusted to our new adventure in Tampa, FL!

That’s right, us Californians are moving to Florida. It’s going to be quiet a change but it’s a great opportunity for my family. It was a family decision that we didn’t take lightly but in the end we believe it’s what is best for our family in the long run.

It’s a lot happening in a short period of time! I’m already overwhelmed with the move and figuring out the logistics of returning to work but it’s all going to work out *fingers crossed*.

My airline is giving all furloughed FA’s the opportunity to rebid for their base which is good because I’m currently based out of California and need to now be based out of Florida. Hopefully my seniority will allow me to transfer. Unfortunately I’m going to have to commute regardless of my base because we won’t be living in a city near a base.

I’ll be sharing my process with moving cross country so stay tuned. Please subscribe and follow along if you haven’t done so already!

2021 is already off to a new and exciting adventure! I hope everyone can start fresh this new year as well!

Happy New Year everybody!