New Base Assignment | Moving Update


Less than a week ago I was given the opportunity to bid for my new flight attendant base. Today it’s official, I’ll be based in Florida! I’m currently still living in California but we’re planning on making the move in the next two weeks.

Our personal belongings are already in transit to the Tampa, Florida area. We had PODS as our transportation company because we needed the flexibility of loading and transporting our items. As a family of 4 and my husband working from home, we needed time to pack. I think it literally took me over a month to fully pack up everything into boxes.

The nice thing about PODS is that if you need to store your items after they’ve arrived to the storage facility they can store them just like a regular storage unit. Since we’re unsure when we’ll actually arrive, for a fee (of course there’s a monthly fee) they can continue to store our items. I’m hoping to arrive by the end of January.

When I was first hired with my airline I was based in Florida. I feel like this is a repeat of 2013. It’s an exciting time but I’m a little worried about going back because of COVID and my young children.

If there are other travel enthusiasts who have young children, please let me know your thoughts and if you have any advice on keeping your family healthy.

I’ll keep you all updated on my recall process back to work and how the relocation is going!